After Henry Cavill’s departure Superman In the DC Universe, DC Studios boss James Gunn still battles angry fans. 2022 was an emotional roller coaster for fans of Cavill’s take on Superman. The British actor, who has not been in the DCEU since 2017, reprized his role as the Man of Steel. Black man. While Cavill only made a cameo in the movie starring Dwayne Johnson, it would be a fresh start for Cavill’s Superman in the DCU. Man of Steel 2 It was in the early development stages and was excited to finally see its franchise reboot.

But with the release of DC Studios, it actually marked the beginning of the end for Cavill’s Superman era. Cavill won’t be part of those plans as the DCU is headed for some kind of reboot. However, some are still dissatisfied with the decision taken last December.

Gunn, who was appointed co-CEO of DC Studios in November 2022, is still debating with angry fans about Cavill’s departure from Superman. In a recent Instagram post featuring Gunn’s cat, a user started an argument with the filmmaker. “it pissed off an entire franchise.” However, it didn’t take long for Gunn to respond with the following exchange:

@edgedmoon1141: “Fuck your cat dude. You pissed off a series fan. Nobody cares about your cat. #Cavilisclark”

Gunn: “@edgedmoon1141 It would be great if you at least knew how to spell a player’s name.

Why Are So Many Fans Angry at Losing Henry Cavill as Superman?

At the end of the day, attacking anyone is never acceptable, especially when it comes to something that turns a Hollywood property. The anger is largely due to the fact that audiences have been pleading and campaigning for Cavill for years to reboot the Superman franchise. After the big critical bomb in 2017 Justice LeagueFor the longest time, it was unclear whether Cavill would ever wear a suit and cape again. reports about Man of Steel 2 Being in the works attracted the most excitement amid a DC news bustle last fall.

It was also a big deal when Cavill announced that he would be back, as it was later revealed that he had left. witcher After season 3. While no specific reason was given, there has been speculation that Cavill’s Superman concert was a major factor in his departure from the Netflix series. Not seeing him in any role at the time was a hard blow to his longtime supporters. Even though Cavill was finished as Superman and witcherThe player is currently working on war hammer TV show with Amazon.

What’s Next for Superman in the Movie?

Although Cavill has retired from the role of Superman, the DCU will not be without the iconic superhero. Gunn is currently writing the script for a new Superman movie and no director has been added yet. The project will focus this time on a younger Clark Kent, so why isn’t Cavill brought back for the lead role? Gunn has also emphasized many times that, Superman The reboot won’t be an origin story, it will only focus on the younger Clark. It is not yet clear whether Gunn will direct this movie himself or if he will touch a different director. This version of Clark will already know the various main DC characters in this story. Time will tell what awaits him, as Gunn is expected to make some DCU announcements this month. Superman.

Source: James Gunn/Instagram