Ranked matches are competitive games where all players start in the Bronze tie, then climb up to the Master’s title and eventually Grandmaster. The top 50 Masters are given the title of Grandmasters. If you are allured by this label and want to participate in this Rank match system. Then read this guide on how to unlock Ranked matches in Smite.

How to Unlock Ranked Matches in Smite

Ranked Matches In Smite

This Ranked system is divided into three game modes: Conquest, Duel, and Joust. All have similar tiers and rewards. But slightly different unlock conditions. Keep reading to know the joining rules and mode overview.

Conquest Unlock Conditions and Overview

  • Player must be level 30.
  • Should have played at least 30 Normal Conquest matches.
  • And should have 20 owned Gods with Mastery Level 2 or above.
  • New Ranked players need to play 10 qualifying battles to enter in Division.

Players here can use 10 ban drafts and earn tribute by winning each match. There are seven tiers or ranks: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master, and Grandmaster.

Joust Overview and Rules

  • Players have to be at level 30.
  • Should at least own 14 Gods at Mastery Level 2.
  • Have players a minimum of 50 Normal Joust matches.

This is a 3v3 match that takes place on one lane map. You can pick 5 bans per side, and winning these matches will improve your skill rating score. Its tier rank is the same as the Conquest, but only about 2 percent of players reach Master rank in this mode.

Duel Rules and Information

  • You must be at level 30.
  • New Ranked players need to play 10 qualifying battles to become part of the Division.

If you lose a match with 0 Tribute, you will get demoted unless you are at Grandmaster level.

These are all the rules and conditions to unlock Ranked matches in Smite. Hopefully, this article was able to guide you. If it did, read how to link accounts and how to jungle.