Shadows are the main enemies that players begin to encounter during the game’s narrative. Person 4 Gold when they engage in tactical, turn-based combat scenarios while using strategies derived from their party’s special Persona skills. Being a versatile system with an enormous amount of complexity, players may find it difficult to organize their thoughts when they are just starting out on their journey as fights can get tricky early on. Fortunately, with a plethora of options comes a lot of depth that players can fully explore to give a sense of complete tactical control not only to the main protagonist Yu, but also to an entire troupe of interesting characters.

While exploring different castles, players will constantly encounter them. Two types of Shadows, mostly as bulbous black masses floating in parts of the region. the shadows a little red is a rare secondary enemy type that spawns randomly, usually with more health, damage, or certain resistances that make combat more difficult. to join the warthe player has a choice First attack against the shadow, swings his sword from behind to deal preemptive damage before the battle begins. However, while this is a great way to level up Person 4 Gold through weakened enemies, shadows Capable of sneaking up and hitting first if the players are not aware.

As the players continue Person 4 Goldthere will always be wars eight options In total during turn-based interactions with Shadows. The name of the first of these options Analysisdefines the stats of Shadows that players have not yet encountered. Entering a new castle initially relies on this option, as it helps players prepare for new types of enemies with never-before-seen weaknesses or resistances. The other two simple decisions on this menu are, To escape and Element Prompts that allow the player, with some exceptions, to evade battle or respectfully use an item in their inventory.

For tougher bosses Person 4 Gold and in other Shadow fights, players will want to pay attention to: personality, Attack, Talentand Protection Options. Using the Persona menu, players can change what Persona Yu uses, but this can only be done once per turn. Choosing the attack sees the hero attack forward with his sword, dealing physical damage without consuming any HP or SP resources. Both of these are associated with the Skill selection and are directly linked to existing moves and assigned to a Person. Players can also use Guardian to defend themselves against critical damage or an exploited weakness by sacrificing the attack if a Shadow is ending a massive attack.

The last option seen in the fight menu is directly linked to the rest of the group. tactics. As players progress through the castles Person 4 GoldIf ending on any difficulty above Easy, this pick is highly recommended as a way to have full control over the actions of other characters. Players can set specific courses for individuals, whether it’s to protect, take on an offensive role, or even heal allies as battles continue. The strategy, which is shaped by the fact that the players start to apply tactics especially for difficult fights, prevents the artificial intelligence of other party members from making mistakes in important situations.

Learn What Elemental Weaknesses and Hit Indicators Mean

There is seven elements Defining personality, each with their strengths and weaknesses against each other in a particular relationship. Players can check an associated base affinity when opening the Persona Info Screen on any collected manifest. Although in some areas Person 4 Gold If you have Persona that defies expectations with certain resistances of their own that overcome these innate disadvantages, these are much rarer than players will often encounter. Analyzing Persona during fights or trying different basic attacks helps players find weaknesses that can be exploited in similar battles.

Each Element:

  • Fire
  • Physical (used during the Attack option in the battle menu)
  • ice
  • Electricity
  • Weather
  • Dark
  • Light

Beat Indicators opens about main effects, showcases factors that will increase damage dealt. While each element has one five effects A fact that can be applied to an enemy Persona, also mentioned in abbreviated terms in Info Screens, Hit Indicators are displayed during fights. Person 4 Gold as a result of these effects being exploited or discovered.

Elemental Effect





Damage dealt is reduced.

To obstruct


No damage is applied.



Damage restores HP.



Damage is reflected to the attacker.



Extra damage is taken, resulting in a knockdown.

Beat Indicator



Basic-type attacks that cause this indicator inflict extra damage while giving the player a “1-More” option for another round.


It is not tied to a base weakness, but is possible from any attack that deals more damage and allows “1-More”.

To obstruct

Indicates that no damage was taken due to a basic immunity.


Indicates that an enemy has been knocked down and cannot take action until they stand up. This gives players a chance to perform a powerful “All-Out Attack”.


Gains a basic resistance from a Shadow, in which case damage dealt is halved.

Leverage Extra Damage with All-Out Attacks, Pursuits, and 1 More Chance

Whenever players take every opportunity to find a Shadow’s weaknesses, they may be presented with an option called “”.1 more“As their enemies struggle to dodge additional damage. “1-More” essentially acts as an extra turn, giving the player once again control for another attack, use of an item, or the option they feel is best given the circumstances.

In the same veinTotal Attacks“When Shadow is Stunned or Dropped, they are massive Physical attacks that every member of the group jumps off. Often a means to end a fight with massive damage, players should consider whether an enemy has Physical resistance before making this choice by default.

follow-ups“Because they rely on the player’s abilities, they work a little differently from All-Out Attacks or 1-More. Social link inside Person 4 Gold with some party members. Functioning as different attacks that trigger when an enemy is knocked down, Follow-Ups can knock Shadows out of battle or apply another knockdown for an All-Out Attack. The strongest chases are when a Shadow survives All-Attack, encouraging players to connect with their party to fight. Person 4 GoldFight from the start with a solid strategy to eliminate all kinds of enemies.