Fortune telling is an activity Fire Emblem this allows players to see what one of the characters in their roster is worried about and who they are thinking. Knowing what a unit is dealing with does not give any advantage or change in gameplay. Instead, players may treat it as a “flavor text” that provides insight into the character’s personality and thoughts for role-playing or lore-related purposes. On the other hand, what a character thinks makes a difference, as it indicates which unit will increase their Support Rank the most between the two. For example, if Timerra is considering Diamant, bringing the two of them into battle together might increase their support.

To gain access to the fortune-telling mechanic fire emblem to engage Requires players to unlock “Fortune Teller” Seadall first. For those unfamiliar, Seadall is an S-Lasher unit from Solm that players can obtain after passing Chapter 15: Dancer in the Ruins. In this episode, the Holy Dragon is tasked with helping the Dancer escape the enemies in the Northfort. When players are victorious, they can add Seadall to their list of playable characters by talking to Seadall during post-battle exploration.

How to Use Fortune Teller in Fire Emblem Engage?

Since Seadall is a playable character, he will have a list of likes and dislikes for gifts that players can give him. However, the protagonist’s relationship will not affect the Fortune teller’s eligibility. Fire Emblem, because it will become available immediately after the mechanic returns to Somniel. However, based on Fire Emblem Recorded by YouTuber BenFM, Fortune Teller’s services are only available after dark. Therefore, visiting the shop during the day will have no effect, but if players go to the POI at night, they will find Seadall standing in front of the entrance.

if Fire Emblem players have trouble finding Seadall’s Fortune Teller establishment in Somniel, Gamepur states that the shop can be found southeast of the central Plaza, between the farmhouse and the Flea Market. After arriving at the Night Fortune teller, players can speak to Seadall to see a list of all the units in their roster. They can then choose a character to see their concerns and the person they are considering.

As mentioned above, this mechanic is useful for boosting support, but Gamepur states that players should keep in mind that the other side may not be considering the unit that Fortune is told about. Moreover, the Fortune Telling system favors less-used characters, giving players a reason to take them onto the field.

Source: YouTube/BenFM | gamepur