A key item called Velvet VIP Person 4 Gold Rewards players who try Persona fusions and find every unique combination of psychological manifestations available in the game. Players who complete 100% of this catalog, recorded in a book called The Demonic Compendium, are awarded Velvet VIP for a massive discount on a new Persona. Players who strive to recruit countless Persona shadows throughout the game are the most likely to receive this rare item as a hard-to-get reward for their efforts.

Unifying Persona remains a key feature Person 4 Goldas players must build stronger beings to challenge harder bosses and enemies in later stages of the narrative. Different abilities such as new resistances, immunity and even certain basic interactions are essential for overcoming tough enemies in the next strongholds in the TV World. Via the Velvet VIP item, players 25% discount on all Personas they make in the Velvet Chamber as long as they hold the item. A natural upgrade from the previous Velvet Pass and Velvet Card, Velvet VIP represents a vast knowledge of possible fusions.

Finding Every Fusion for Summary in Persona 4 Golden

It was first introduced Shin Megami Tensei III: NightThe Demonic Compendium has appeared in many titles and is back for players to find every possible Persona fusion. This book records data for each Persona recruited throughout the player’s adventures, including their strengths and weaknesses. Players will have to explore each area. Person 4 Gold in search of finding new fusions to find rarer Persona. However, not every Persona pairing leads to an entirely new outcome, especially when including the more commonly found shadows, so players will need to experiment and remember which connections are worth exploring.

Because the magazine includes every Persona in the game, players should: maximize every social connection with other characters to get final Persona form connected with these allies. While this is difficult to achieve without using New Game+, a sufficiently comprehensive time division should help players achieve their goals while using significant foresight. However, players can try and assemble this ultimate Persona from the Social Links in the Velvet Room if they have already saved a large amount of money. through social links Person 4 Gold or patient experiments, getting the Velvet VIP item provides players with a significant bonus for future games where the item is hidden when revisiting a new adventure.

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