Top War is a battle strategy game where you have to build a strong base to defend and a powerful army to take out opponents. However, no matter how powerful you are as a solo player, joining an Alliance will be beneficial for you. Alliance members can help you out by providing resources like Army units or Gold among other things. Once you have joined an Alliance in Top War, you can invite other players to join as well. Find out how to do so in the guide below.

How To Invite To Alliance In Top War?


It is quite easy to invite other players to be a part of your Alliance. You will first need to be a part of a particular Alliance to send out invites. Once you have joined an Alliance, you can follow the steps given below to invite others to your Top War Alliance.

  • Go to the base of the player you want to invite. This can be done by entering their coordinates in the Mini Map.
  • Now click on the base to bring up their profile.
  • Click on their profile photo. A pop-up menu will appear that gives you three options. These are Friend, Chat, and Alliance Invitation.
  • Click on the Alliance Invitation option.
  • Once you click on it, you will receive a notification stating “Successfully sent the invitation!
  • Your invite has now been sent and if the player chooses to accept the invite, they will become a part of your Alliance.

Since Alliance members can greatly impact your gameplay experience, you should invite players that are active and willing to work towards upgrading the Alliance in Top War. Inactive members will just fill up space in your Alliance

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