Top War is a battle simulation RPG where players build strong bases and create dominant armies to take on enemies with the aid of powerful Heroes. March size plays an important part in any battle in Top War. Larger march sizes mean that you will have more units on the field. This will help you win battles more easily. Let us take a look at all the options you have to increase your march size in Top War.

How To Increase March Size In Top War?


There are a number of methods you can implement to increase your march size. These include free as well as paid methods. Let us take a look at all of them below.

Leveling Up

This is the most straightforward method to increase your march size in Top War. As you progress through the levels, your march size increases as well. At Max Level 80, you get a plus 9 boost to your march size.

Upgrade The Command Center

When you upgrade the Command Center, you will also get a boost in the march size. When you get to Level 80, you get a plus 12 march size boost.

Base Skins

There are a number of Base Skins that can give you a passive or active march size boost. The Home Sweet Home base skin gives a plus 1 march size when Equipped. Similarly, the Hyperion base skin gives plus 6 march size when Equipped. Both the Romantic base skin and the Poetic base skin give a plus 5 march size when Equipped.

There are also some base skins that give a Hold In Stocks bonus for march sizes. This means that even when the skin is not equipped, you can get the bonus effects. The Acadia base skin, the Shadow Dragon base skin, and the Merry Christmas base skin all give a plus 1 boost to march size as a Hold In Stocks bonus. Meanwhile, the Lucky Dragon Castle base skin can give a plus 2 march size Hold In Stocks bonus.

Base Decors

There are also a number of Base Decors that give a march size Boost. The Magical Aurora Base Decor gives a plus one march size. It is obtainable through Events. In addition, you can also get a plus 1 march size boost with the VIP Badge. This is unlocked when you reach VIP Level 11. Lastly, the Happy Spring Festival can also give a plus 1 march size increase and can be earned through Events.

Hero Bonds

Hero Bonds play an important role in increasing the march size in Top War. Wade and Kuruzo can get up to 500 extra command points through Hero Bonds. Moreover, if you complete the Big Shots Hero Bond, you are rewarded with a plus 8 march size.

Hero Command Stats

Hero Command Stats also contribute hugely to increasing the march size. A single troop is added to a Hero with every 100 Command points. Command Stats depend on the quality and star levels of a Hero.


Top War regularly releases Decor packs that can be purchased. Each decor pack has an item that increases the march size. For example, the Holiday Decor set has Holiday Hotel which increases march size by 3. There are multiple other Decorations like this that can help you increase your march size.

Hero Skills

The March Size Hero skill allows you to field more units. You should level these march size skills early in the game and place them in the first slot for your top heroes.

This is how you can increase the March Size in Top War. We hope that this guide was helpful to you. For more Top War guides, check out How To Invite Other Players To An Alliance In Top War?