If adventurers want to progress in Adventurer of Thaldraszus dragonfly success World of WarcraftThey can hunt a Rare Humanoid Enemy known as Blightpaw the Depraved. This enemy NPC has over 500,000 HP and will spawn at Levels 69 to 71. To find this enemy, players will need to navigate to coordinates X: 90 and Y: 41 in Rusza’thar Reach, a location near the northeastern tip of Ohn. A little southwest of Valdrakken are the Ahran Plains. Upon arrival, adventurers should watch out for a bipedal monster-like NPC to set fire to a nearby pile of bones from their hands.

Blightpaw the Depraved cannot be attacked from the start, as players must first initiate the Rare Enemy battle by talking to an NPC character. World of Warcraft: Dragonflight Archaeologist named Koranir. This Archaeologist will be standing next to the buried giant rib cage on the back of Blightpaw in the same location.

If players talk to Kuranir, he will make a statement saying, “I can’t wait to tell all my friends how the great Kuranir helped Champion of Azeroth” and rush to fight Blightpaw the Depraved.

How to Defeat the Depraved Blightpaw in WoW: Dragonflight

Unfortunately, several players have reported that Archaeologist Koranir can sometimes rest and not respond to players’ inputs. In other words, the main problem with Blightpaw for adventurers is not the war itself, but rather setting the war in motion with the Archaeologist dialogue. Sources at Destructoid claim that one possible way to fix this issue is to leave the area and return, or enter and exit the game. Bronze Time Lock is useful for allowing players to quickly return to Blightpaw the Depraved. World of Warcraft: Dragonflight To see if the bug in Kuranir is gone.

When archaeologist Koranir finally catches the attention of Blightpaw the Depraved, the Rare Enemy will stop spreading devastation and focus aggro on players. World of Warcraft: Dragonflight. Combat is relatively easy if players are Level 70 or above and have adequate gear. Blightpaw will summon an Ancient Tundrafur to join the battle. Therefore, it might be ideal for players to beat this little gang first. Also, fighters should avoid repositioning too much to avoid getting aggro from nearby Divebeak Ohunas.

using Wow Based on the gameplay of YouTuber ZaFrostPet, the class that will deal tank damage with minions when fighting Blightpaw the Depraved will make combat more manageable. Additionally, when Blightpaw is defeated, World of Warcraft Players will gain substantial valuables such as Gnoll-Gnawed Breeches, Gold-Alloy Blade or Drakewatcher’s Hood.

Source: Destructoid | YouTube/ZaFrostPet

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