The Last Boss black tailBaba, who tormented the Yaga and kidnapped the children of the village, is a formidable enemy. On paper, it must be a relaxed, motionless boss with a large bright heart-shaped weak spot for the player to shoot. However, as is typical of the fairy tale game, things are not that simple.

part of the core of blacktail Since the Yaga has a limited inventory that runs out quickly, the game is to craft arrows and gather supplies in the middle of battle. The problem is that Baba’s boss arena has no resource nodes, so the player has to carefully manage their resources in a way that oddly parallels the final boss fight. Insult.

This restraint adds tension and drama to the fight, but disappears after Yaga’s first death. After that, a short cutscene will play, and Yaga will stand up with full health and infinite ammo in his arrow.

How to Beat Dad in Blacktail?

However, even with the buff, this is far from an easy fight. According to Youtube channel TheBaldMan, there are three pillars placed at the edge of the boss arena that will constantly spawn small low-level enemies that will flank the Yaga and kill them with a thousand cuts. In addition, of blacktail Disgusting blind snakeworms will periodically jump out of the ground and try to get some out of the Yaga. And best of all, similar to many boss fights dark souls Get Sethless to 9-Torg Life HighBaba will make most of the ground an AOE hazard, with root tentacles protruding from the ground to deal massive damage.

All these problems can be overcome. If the player is good at sniping, they can use the two teleport gates on either side of the arena to avoid swarms of enemies and AOE. Snake worms can be killed, and there are also a limited number of them, and if a few Honey Arrows or Crystal Arrows are shot at giant skulls in the Pillars, it will temporarily stop spawning.

To love of Sonic Frontiers Supreme boss, once of blacktail Baba’s health is at 50%, the fight will move to the second phase and will be at 10% again. However, unlike this fight, the only difference is that the edges of the map periodically erupt in fire and a few tougher skeletons spawn. Nothing has changed for the player.