Candy Crush Saga levels start off easy and get trickier as players progress. There are various boosts and different types of candies to use in each game too. Some levels can be frustratingly difficult so we are here to help. If you are struggling with level 532, check out the steps below on how to beat level 532 on Candy Crush – guide.

Level 532: Candy Crush Saga Guide

Candy Crush Saga level 532 involves a using the Candy Crush Frog. The Candy Frog is a candy that helps the player clear blocks. The Candy Frog can be matched with candy of the same colour, feeding it until it reaches the next stage. When the Candy Frog is fully fed it develops circles around it, and can be then be moved to an optimum square. If planned correctly this move can help the player beat this level easily.

What Does the Candy Crush Frog Do? - Answered
The Candy Frog (via Candy Crush)

When full, the Candy Frog can be moved to a space where it will crush any candies or blockers on that tile, and all 8 tiles surrounding it. The Candy Frog will then go back to its first stage, possibly changing colour, and ready to be fed again. As long as the player has moves left, the Candy Frog can be used again and again!

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Level 532 requires players to clear all the Jelly and collect all orders, which includes a Candy Frog. Feed and move the Frog to complete the order, do not crush it or clear it from the level as this will not count. To see it in action check out the walkthrough below:

That concludes this guide to completing level 532 of Candy Crush Saga! Next up, why not check out the full list of Candy Crush characters! Good luck.

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