Warning: This post contains spoilers for the How I Met Your Dad season 2 premiere.How I Met Your Father Creators Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger tease plans to include more members of the original how i met your mother He starred in the Hulu spin-off. Directed by Hilary Duff as the lead actress Sophie and Kim Cattrall as an older version of the character serving as the narrator, How I Met Your Father It uses the same framing device as the beloved old CBS sitcom to portray Sophie’s love affairs. The spinoff frequently pays homage to its predecessor, which includes thin-set references and even miniatures from the original cast, including Cobie Smulders as Robin Scherbatsky, who appeared in the season 1 finale, and most recently, Neil Patrick Harris as Barney Stinson in the season 2 premiere. . .

in an interview with weekly funAptaker and Berger have announced that they hope to eventually feature all six main cast members of the original sitcom on screen. How I Met Your Father. After Harris’ surprise cameo in the season 2 premiere, showrunners explain the benefits of involving the rest of the center. how i met your mother He starred in the complex story of Sophie. Check out what Aptaker and Berger have to say below:

BERGER: We really discussed the plot for all the original characters. Now it remains only to parse them and hope that people are available and willing to do so when the time is right to ask. But yeah, we think it’s a lot of fun and it makes our world bigger and it really satisfies the fans on a deep level, so we like to do it and we have ideas.

APTAKER: Our cast is also very excited. Hilary was very excited to be working with Neil. They texted a bit and she interviewed him when we launched the show last year. They have a lot in common – they were both giant TV stars in middle school and are now both lead stars of How I Met. They have this shared experience and it was really special to have them share the screen.

Who Others from HIMYM Can Return to HIMYF?

With Harris and Smulders already appearing How I Met Your Father The other has a good chance of reprising the roles of Barney and Robin respectively. HIMYM The stars – Josh Radnor, Alyson Hannigan and Jason Segel – will follow in the footsteps of their former co-stars. Cristin Miloti, as titled mom Tracey, became a series regular during. how i met your mother Season 9 is unlikely to make an appearance in the spinoff due to the tragic fate of her character in the sitcom’s divisive series finale. It remains unclear when and how more key members of the original show’s cast may appear. How I Met Your Fathersome have expressed their excitement at the prospect of returning to their already iconic past roles.

Radnor revealed that he was in contact with Duff. How I Met Your Father premiere. According to Radnor, he would gladly accept Duff and the writers’ invitation to have him on the show as Ted one day if their schedules matched. Segel, who plays Marshall Eriksen, did not directly comment on the possibility of appearing in the series. How I Met Your FatherHe expressed interest in doing it. how i met your mother Season 10 shows the continued love for the sitcom universe. as other how i met your mother Alums are back for the spinoff, with the rest of the main cast likely to appear at some point as well.

Everything We Know About Barney’s Role at HIMYF

after Harris How I Met Your Father Barney Stinson cameo confirmed that his chance encounter with Sophie will have a huge impact on the course of season 2. After meeting Sophie at a low point, Barney is expected to use his complicated past when it comes to matters of the heart. … to offer some sort of guidance to the sitcom’s emotionally lost protagonist, while giving an update on her life years after she left her femininity inclination behind. Check out the next episode of the series to see how Sophie’s story continues. How I Met Your Father It will be available to watch on Hulu on January 31.

Source: EW