game of Thrones is one of the most popular fictional properties of modern times and house of the dragon reminded fans why Westeros and its surroundings are so special. From Dorne to North of the Wall, it’s packed with memorable locations and families, with different characters and politics taking center stage. Focusing on House Targaryen, the new series has done well to shed more light on other personalities and residences that add significantly to the already vast scope of the estate. One such place is Driftmark and the historic House of Velaryon, led by the Sea Serpent, who had a significant influence on the realm before the War of the Five Kings.


Driftmark plays a significant role in the Dance of the Dragons, and the leader of the house is a man who has perhaps seen more of the known world on the water than anyone else. Known as the Sea Serpent, Corlys Velaryon is wise, level-headed, and extremely well-travelled, though his exploits at sea make him a fascinating figure to study in detail. The daunting development cycle of skull and bones is a reminder that gamers want more from the naval battles that grew in popularity Assassin’s Confession 3and Corlys Velaryon house of the dragon could be a great and popular respawn point into a game mechanic that is widely considered great.

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Despite the franchise being one of the most popular single-player-centric series of all time, Assassin’s Confession 3 is sometimes seen as a disappointment compared to its predecessors. The setting didn’t lend itself well to parkour-based traversal, and the story was arguably absent, but it introduced a mechanic that defined the franchise’s later years. The naval combat was fresh, unique and very satisfying, but equally so Assassin’s Creed Should make a trip to Baghdad in 2023, the potential for naval combat is limited. skull and bones tries to offer an alternative, but several delays have caused doubts among fans about the quality of the title.

Exploring the high seas is something many games have since replicated Sea of ​​Thieves to deduction. The ocean is fascinating, and the thrill of traversing it while narrowly avoiding danger makes it ripe for video game adaptations. A game using Corlys Velaryon’s expertise could allow players to see the environment as a seasoned seafarer would, and the waters around Westeros and Essos are among the most fascinating in all of fiction. From the Stepstones to Slavers Bay and back again, the whole world game of Thrones presents itself in vast but detailed bodies of water, and Assassin’s CreedGeorge RR Martin style naval battles could make it all the more accessible for both gamers and fans of George RR Martin ownership.

The Sea Serpent is Westeros’ most experienced captain

Introduced in house of the dragon Captain of the ships under the reign of King Viserys, Corlys Velaryon’s stoic intellect and quiet ambition are palpable from the start. He is the wealthiest man in Westeros and his marriage to Princess Rhaenys means he is never far from the tumultuous Targaryen family affairs. As head of House Velaryon and Lord of the Tides, he is at home on the water and his exploits on the high seas have become legendary in Westeros.

There are few places in the known world of game of Thrones to which Corlys Velaryon has not sailed. His early voyages to Pentos were just the beginning, as his “Nine Voyages” aboard the Sea Serpent Ship took him through the Jade Gates to Yi Ti and Leng and Asshai in the Far East. He’s seen more of Westeros and Essos than almost anyone else in franchise history, and to get from place to place he relied on his skills as a captain and sailor. Corlys Velaryon has spent his entire life at sea, so if there’s anyone with enough character development and seafaring experience to support naval combat in games, this is it house of the dragon‘s sea serpent.

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