The developers at Avalanche have confirmed with new previews that the upcoming Hogwarts Legacy will not have a moral system. The developers explained that this means allowing each player to explore their desired playstyle.

The first previews of the upcoming Wizarding World game were sent to various outlets as Gamesradar realized the consequences or lack thereof of bad actions. As part of the preview, Gamesradar noted that during a mission where the player raided a dragon hunting camp, the author threw some explosives at enemies, killing them. However, nothing in the game made note of this extrajudicial execution. When asked about the developers at Avalanche, “It was important for us to give players who wanted to become Black Witches or Wizards the opportunity to do so.” Lead designer Kelly Murphy continued: “This is the ultimate embodiment of role-playing, allowing the player to be bad. Additionally, this was important because it came from the point of not being judged by the game creators. If you want to be bad, be bad”.

This free-form ethos extends to Unforgivable Curses as well, allowing players to cast torture or death spells with impunity. This does not mean that the world will not change depending on the player’s use of Unforgivable Curses. “Characters will visually and audibly react when they see the player use Unforgivable, but we don’t have a moral system that punishes them for doing so – that would be very judgmental for the game maker,” Murphy said. actions, the world will reflect back their knowledge.” While this may seem slight, it’s still to be seen what exactly these world effects are. The specific phrase “Should the player continue” is also meant for first-time attacks, such as testing what the Death Curse is doing. probably wouldn’t make much sense in the larger world, but if the player kills every single person who challenges them, make the staff more hesitant around you and the ground may look more bleak.

While lack of morality is not a new concept, it is particularly interesting in terms of Unforgivable Curses. In novels and movies, these curses cause serious harm or death to the target of the spell. The Gamesradar preview also stated that these spells are not learned on the school grounds; instead, players must actively seek these spells if they want to use them, and also leave the choice of evil to the player. With such a hands-on system, it should be interesting what players can build and come up with role-playing scenarios.