The latest game from Tango Gameworks is a rhythm action game titled Hi-Fi Rushand it’s available today for PC and Xbox Series X/S.

On PC, you can download it from Steam, Epic Games, and Microsoft Stores. It’s also available to all Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass members.

Hi-Fi Rush Launch Trainer

As wannabe rock star Chai, you find a hostile robotic enhancement conglomerate that uses rhythm-enhanced combat. Everything from movement in the environment to combat is synced to the music.

The game’s premise is that this evil corporation has fused a music player into Chai’s heart. Dubbed the “Defect,” hordes of corporate drones are now en route to recall him. But he has the power to feel the rhythm of the world around him and he will use this to stop the robotic monolith to stop their evil’s plans using rhythmically enhanced combat abilities.

Everything in the game is automatically synced to the music, and since this is a rhythm action title, you need to feel the rhythm to improve Chai’s actions. You can land heavy beat hits at the end of a combo, or sync up with an ally to tag an enemy.

Hi-Fi Rush features both licensed and original songs, each synced to their own in-game levels.

If you want some swaggar, you can grab the Deluxe Upgrade Pack, which comes with special cosmetics and gears for a head start on unlocking skills and upgrades. It also includes two outfits, seven t-shirts, a themed guitar skin, an alternate skin, and 20,000 Gears (the currency earned in-game) to unlock combat abilities and upgrades. Hi-Fi Rush is a rhythm action game created by Tango Gameworks and available now