The Florida Department of Education says it has banned AP African American History because it teaches students activism and intersectionality and encourages them to “end the war on black transgender, queer, gender-nonconforming and intersex people,” according to a document the department attaches to sent The Daily Beast.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis denied a college board motion to put the class in high school classes in the state on Wednesday. The move comes the same week that the far-right Republican – who just ruled he violated free speech laws by firing a prosecutor for being “woken up” – released information about trans students from universities in the requested all over the state.

The DeSantis administration publicized its anti-LGBTQ stance in its statement for the ban on teaching, simply listing “Black Queer Studies” as a violation of state law.

A DeSantis representative said in a statement to The Daily Beast that the now-banned class “lacks educational value and historical accuracy.”

The document further admonishes the doctrine of intersectionality, claiming it is “fundamental” to critical race theory, without explaining how.

The department also addresses issues advocating for redress – a movement aimed at helping recipients overcome generations of human rights abuses.

“There is no critical perspective or deliberative opinion in this lesson,” says the document on a topic devoted to the reparations movement.

The inclusion of acclaimed author Bell Hooks in the Black Feminist Literary Thought issue is also cited as a problem, apparently because Hooks used the phrase “white supremacist capitalist patriarchy.”

DeSantis wasn’t shy about his anti-wake stance, and in 2021 passed the STOP WOKE Act banning the teaching of Critical Race Theory, though the governor couldn’t prove it’s being taught in public schools in the state.

The Department of Education says it is “ready to resume discussion” if the College Board can offer a class that complies with state laws and is historically accurate, though the department’s statement doesn’t provide specific details about what the class is historical teaches inaccurately.

“As presented, the content of this course inexplicably violates Florida law and is significantly lacking in educational value,” the department said in a letter to the College Board.

However, the department doesn’t seem to want people to think DeSantis is opposed to black history. After all, according to department representatives, he is specifically promoting (partial) teaching.

“An example from his first term is HB 1213, which was passed and signed into law in 2020. This is a bill that will require all students in Florida to know about the Ocoee massacre,” Cassie Palelis, press secretary for the Florida Department of Education, said in a statement. Florida Department of Education Gives Bizarre Reasons for Banning AP’s African-American History