First person shooter series with great world building

First person shooters have always been strong when it comes to world building. Even in the early days of games like Wolfenstein 3D and DOOMwhen there was very little story and the player took on the role of the silent protagonist, each game’s environmental design alone was enough to convey important details about the world the player was exploring.

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When it comes to modern FPS games, however, they’ve only gotten more impressive over time when it comes to world building, especially when they started experimenting with games like narrative half-life and Hello CE. Here are some first person shooter series building great worlds.


6 Wolfstein

While the original Wolfstein The story content was minimal, but the modern games have been able to expand its lore in very interesting ways. Nowhere is this more impressive than in Wolfenstein: The New Orderset in a world where the Nazis, using mysterious advanced technology, won World War II and more or less took over the world.

After taking on the role of BJ Blazkowicz after emerging from a catatonic state, the player has numerous opportunities to learn not only about the concluding events of the war, but also how the state of the world was during its 14- year’s absence from Nazi rule.


Plays in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone in Ukraine, STALKER takes quite a bit of inspiration from the novel Roadside picnic as well as the Andrei Tarkovsky film stalker. It’s admittedly closer to an RPG than a pure FPS game than anything like that Gloriole, for example. However, it benefits greatly from this genre bend when it comes to lore and world building.

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The series is a mix of sci-fi and paranormal survival horror and as such presents the player with a very interesting and unique world to explore. One filled with interesting factions, nightmarish creatures and existential horrors.


The old DOOM Games were pretty good at world building, just from level and enemy design alone. Each level seemed to tell this tale of Hell gradually devouring the moons of Mars, twisting the landscape and structures while corrupting its inhabitants. The modern DOOM games (esp sinking 2016), however, have done a great job of creating a new world for Doomguy to tear into and tear into.

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Granted, it’s the same Doomguy from the original games, but the player can learn all about his journey through the universes and how he became the Doom Slayer, collectibles like codex pages, data entries, and so on. All of this helps put the events of each game into a much larger context if the player keeps their eyes peeled.

3 gloriole

As one of the most innovative games in the genre when it came to storytelling in the early 2000s, gloriole has always been great at presenting the player with an interesting world to explore. Whether by playing the missions or by hunting down hidden terminals and data logs, the gloriole The universe created by Bungie has always offered a sense of mystery and wonder that few, if any, shooters have been able to match, let alone surpass, over the years.

The games offer a grand narrative, truly spanning a hundred thousand years, with the player playing a central role as they learn about the past through exploration of ancient, alien worlds and use that knowledge to survive the present threat of annihilation .

2 half-life

That half-life series was among the first FPS games to have a really tough time in terms of story. The first game uses the always-funny “scientific experiment gone wrong” premise, but in the second game the series really begins to create an interesting world for the player to sink their teeth into.

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half-life 2 20 years after the events of Back Mesa, Gordon Freeman transports Gordon Freeman to this strange new world. Earth has been overrun by alien invaders who have seen fit to oppress the human race wherever possible. As the game progresses, the player sees in exhausting and sometimes gruesome detail what kind of society the Combine has imposed on humanity.

1 metro

That metro Franchise is something of a spiritual successor to the STALKER series in several ways. The series (which includes both games and books) is set in the 2030s metro system under Moscow, Russia and is known for its genre-twisting world design. Although there was a major nuclear war in 2013, this only partially explains the state of metro Attitude.

Player Artyom must navigate the irradiated subway tunnels while surviving enemy factions, mutants, and anomalous creatures. Through its characters, environment, enemy design and more, there is much for players to discover about this strange world as they explore the blackened and poisonous ruins of former Russia.

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