David Alpert, co-founder and CEO of Skybound Entertainment, talks about how renfield tells a new Dracula story involving the toxic relationship between the notorious vampire and his henchman. Renfield and Dracula were first introduced in the 1897 Bram Stoker gothic horror novel. Dracula. Renfield is an obsessively loyal servant to Dracula and helps him with his plans, but the new movie will take a different approach to the titled character and his bloodsucking boss.

During Screen Rent Exclusive interview, Alpert shared new insights on how renfield tells a different Dracula story. He assures that this is unlike any other Dracula story that audiences have experienced. Alper explains renfield He looks at Dracula as both a real and an emotional vampire and examines the toxic dependent relationship between this employer and employee.

David Alpert: We have renfield Coming in April and that’s what’s up for us renfield Have you seen plenty of Dracula stories? There are millions of Dracula stories but I guarantee you’ve never seen Dracula handled this way or the idea that Renfield and Dracula are in a dependent relationship and Dracula is the ultimate narcissist.

It’s one of those things where once you hear it you’ll say, “Oh, of course.” You call someone a psychic vampire at work. “Oh, no, no. He’s not just a psychic vampire, he’s also a vampire.” You play those dynamics. I don’t think we’ve really seen that. I think what we always love is the intersections of something familiar but done in a completely different way.

Renfield, A New Look at Dracula

Skybound Entertainment is known for bringing new approaches to classic genres. Walking Dead to be a more character-driven zombie apocalypse story, and Invincible taking a darker look at superheroes. Now, renfield will show the most infamous vampire of all time from a new perspective, from the perspective of his faithful servant. Discovering the dependent relationship between a narcissist and an employee who cannot escape is something many people can relate to. renfield He cleverly combines the true definition of “vampire” with the notion of the emotional vampire to create the scariest boss possible in Nicolas Cage’s Dracula.

while renfield The trailer briefly shows Dracula, he’s not in the foreground because unlike every other movie, TV show, book or game this isn’t his story. Exploring the interdependent relationship between Dracula and Renfield will reveal the character that is often a footnote in scary tales of vampires. It’s a unique take on a story that’s been told countless times, to show its dynamics specifically from the perspective of Renfield, who is trying to separate himself from this toxic relationship.

Traditionally, Renfield is Dracula’s savage slave who longs to become a vampire; this is a reward that Dracula was happy to wave in front of and never fulfilled. Renfield’s allegiance is tied to his desire to join Dracula as a creature of the night. renfield can change the script. This is an opportunity to make Renfield a more developed character, who finds a new path away from his narcissistic boss. Finally, telling the story from her point of view, renfield finds the opportunity to show a very different side of both the title character and Dracula.