With the passage of time, the Indian gaming sector has expanded at an exponential rate. According to Mordor Intelligence, the Indian gaming industry is poised to reach $4.88 billion at a CAGR of 20.83% during the forecast period 2021–2026. With one of the world’s most significant youth populations, India is predicted to become one of the world’s leading gaming markets. The report further highlighted that the country’s development is driven by a younger population, increased disposable incomes, new game genres, and the fast-increasing number of tech-savvy device users.

Especially since the pandemic, there has been a dramatic growth in the consumption of gaming content. The fact that the children get locked inside their houses. With the changing dynamic of the industry, many organizations feel that aggressive games significantly influence children’s conduct and that everyone else, depending on the escape they are considering. Many individuals play fantasy sports to relieve boredom or divert their attention.

Despite the risk of inevitable behavioral consequences, online sports can also have positive impacts, especially in early life. Gaming improves the player’s strategic thinking. However, to counteract the jeopardy, some strategies are evolving with the change and gaining popularity in order to enhance the child’s general brain development and prevent them from being violent.

Setting limitation ease the hustle

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If the young get aggressive, limiting their exposure to violent content may assist rather than condemn the gaming culture. However, if no indicators of aggressiveness have been observed, it is critical to monitor the child’s video gaming history. Watching violent activities may also desensitize a youngster to aggressive conduct. Remember that responsible internet usage for children is about more than simply the amount of screen time they get; it’s also about the quality of the material they consume. However, some tactics or guidelines can apply by putting reasonable limitations on video gaming.

Keep an eye

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People’s behavior does change, but if we talk about the scenario of aggressive gaming, establishing the limit can ease the work for every individual. Incorporating techniques at an initial level, like keeping a close eye on the website the player uses for online games. Besides that, don’t allow youth to play games that may be too graphic or violent for their age group. Thus, keeping an eye on the routine can help you stay healthy and away from violence.

Limited screen time

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Playing games together might provide insight into the sorts of games that the youngster enjoys. Acknowledge any unhealthy signals a game may send, and be a positive role model by limiting the child’s screen time. Setting appropriate limits on gaming can help parents cope. Therefore, many hours spent in front of a computer display or gaming console can have an unfavorable impact on physical and mental health. With the progress of technology, parents should provide facilities for their children, such as outdoor physical activities, to promote overall brain development of the child’s brain.

Digital Detox

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Setting aside time to disengage from all digital gadgets, whether new or experienced, is becoming a highly required criterion. A digital detox, whether it’s only one weekend a month, a week, or two per quarter, might benefit mental health and behavior.

Along with the growing popularity of online and mobile gaming in India, overall licensing and gaming jurisdictions have expanded the business by providing open-handed access in a controlled way. Using legal authorization, the industry has opened up a wide variety of products in the field of fantasy sports, as well as many other game development solutions to supplement the Indian and worldwide gaming industries.

The gaming business has significantly extended its specialty around the globe and revolutionized the notion of online gaming, e-sports, and so on, propelling it to the top lists of global online gaming marketplaces thanks to shining regulation in recent decades. Given the tremendous development in the acquisition of online gaming and betting among residents, India will indeed soon ascend to the top of the inventory of top gaming sectors and nations with the help of fantasy gaming firms.

Final Bow!

Online gaming has now spread around the world. However, there is no substantial, indisputable proof that aggressive games initially cause violent conduct. Furthermore, not every game is appropriate for every youngster. Many violent video games are undoubtedly inappropriate for some children.

Understanding each child’s requirements and developing a strategy that establishes guidelines for use and monitors children’s screen activities is an intelligent approach to video games.

By Mr. Rohit Bansal, Founder & Director, Super4

Rohit Bansal

About Author: Rohit Bansal brings more than 15 years of experience, which allows him to bring stern entrepreneurship and international market exposure to the boardroom. A Master’s graduate from London University, Rohit has helped organizations of all forms grow exponentially. With a keen, watchful eye that pays attention to even the tiniest details, this entrepreneur strives relentlessly to help Techjeux make the desired impact on the market. All thanks to a professional experience that consisted of many leadership positions such as Partner & Cofounder (PRV Alloys LLP) and Director (V.P. Realtors Pvt Ltd).