A creative Disney Dreamlight Valley The player made a dress inspired by Pocahontas. The character isn’t part of the game yet, but Pocahontas’ raccoon Meeko made an appearance in the announcement trailer.

Disney Dreamlight ValleyThe customization feature of has allowed players to decorate their rooms and create unique outfits. Since the game is still in Early Access, many characters have not been added to the game, so players have taken it upon themselves to turn their avatars into Disney characters. For example one Disney Dreamlight canyon Player recreated Mulan.


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The latest character recreation on Disney Dreamlight Valley is Pocahontas. Shared on Reddit by FrozenEnchantress, they created a dress inspired by what Pocahontas wore in the film. The long skirt looked like it had brightly colored embroidery to pick up all the colors of the wind. Completing the look were blue feather-like earrings, which the player said could be purchased from Scrooge McDuck.

Fellow players praised the Pocahontas-inspired dress, with one suggesting that the game should create a gallery of the creative outfits to show its appreciation to the community. There were also players who wanted Disney Dreamlight Valley to add Pocahontas in game. However, some said it wasn’t right to add them because they felt the film didn’t represent the real Pocahontas and Native Americans. Despite this, Disney fans still expressed their love for the Pocahontas movie, on the grounds that if she is not included in the game, Disney Dreamlight Valley should at least add Meeko the raccoon and Flit the hummingbird as companions.

There were also players who brought up the need Disney Dreamlight canyon Add design sharing in game. The feature is used by games like Animal Crossing: New Horizons, allowing players to easily send assets for customized items and outfits to others. Since Disney Dreamlight Valley does not have this already, players would have to create outfits and rooms from scratch, which might take some time to farm items and moonstones. Players have also stated in the past that it took a lot of trial and error to get their creations looking perfect.

The silver lining is that Disney Dreamlight canyon is still in Early Access, giving developer Gameloft more opportunities to add characters and worlds and make improvements to the game. Fatigue was already diminishing Disney Dreamlight Valley, which greatly improved the gameplay and overall player experience. Maybe a theme sharing feature will be added soon along with a new character set.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is currently available in Early Access for Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

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