Devin Willock Biography

Devin Willock was a football player for them when he was with the Georgia Bulldogs. He went to both Paramus Catholic High School and the University of Georgia. He played in all 15 games that the Dawgs played this season.

Devin Willock was born in Paramus, New Jersey, in 2002. He died when he was 20 years old.



Devin Willock was born in 2002, so he is now 20 years old.

 Net Worth

It is thought that Devin Willock has a net worth of $500,000.

 Height And Weight

Devin Willock is 2.01 meters tall and 152kg heavy.


The University of Georgia was where Devin Willock went to school.


David Willock is Devin Willock’s father, but we don’t know much about who his mother is.


Devin Willock was born in the United States.