We are completing Containment Bay P1T6 Unreal once again. Final Fantasy XIV Players against Sophia. This match will only be live and available for the duration of Patch 6.3. There is no confirmed end date, but past patch release windows roughly estimate June or July.

Goddess Sophia first introduced as part of Patch 3.4 Soul Surrender. The Unreal version is basically a level 60 matchup powered for the new level 90 cap. This makes Unreal difficulty equal Mount Ordeals Extremeunlocked after Final Fantasy XIV Lapis Manalis dungeon. Players who complete one will likely have enough coordination to finish the other.

The Untruth Trial of Goddess Sophia

As with all Unreal challenges, Containment Bay P1T6 Unreal is unlocked, Fake Commander in Idyllshire (x: 5.7, y: 6). If this is your first time making Unreal content, one will need to complete it as well. Shadow Bringers the quest Fantastic Mr. fake and towards heaven the quest Keeping up with the Aliapohs. The latter introduces Khloe and the weekly Wonder Tails, while the latter brings Khloe the Fake Commander and a limited time. Final Fantasy XIV minions and mounts.

as with original Final Fantasy XIV towards heaven war, Sophia will mostly use the telegram Thunder and Aero magic with different domains. Sophia’s floating head Daughter it will backfire and require players to stay close to it to avoid falling out of the arena. Sophia also uses four Alon Teleos Clones using Thunder simultaneously or sequentially. The trick is to stop or move at precise points to avoid all Thunders and Daughters.

After taking enough damage, Sophia will add it. quasardrops meteors that can topple the arena. Orange meteorites weigh one, blue one three; The heavier side always topples over. Meteorites themselves explode for serious damage, so players need to move away from them after tilting.

This Final Fantasy XIV The fight turns into a dance of moving in just the right spots to avoid Alon Teleos, Daughter and Quasar in various combinations and overlaps. Players may want to set their cameras to constantly see all sides of the arena so that a mechanic doesn’t sneak up on them.

Fake Holes Game

There are no direct rewards or rewards for completing Containment Bay P1T6 Unreal. However, it allows the person to play a match. Fake Holes Every week with the Fake Commander. During this minigame, players can reveal up to 11 tiles in a 6 x 6 grid. There are four possible solutions to this riddle that will yield a different amount. Final Fantasy XIV Fake Leaf currency (increased after release) endwalker):

  • Swords (2 x 3): Allows Completing 15 False Leaves and Containment Bay P1T6 Unreal before the Weekly reset is challenged again
  • Available (2 x 2): 25 Fake Leaves
  • Chest (2 x 2): 35 Fake Leaves
  • Fake Commander (Single frame): 100 Fake Leaves

Players can hand over their Fake Leaves for any kind of reward. Must be saved to buy completely special items such as currency Final Fantasy XIV Troll Mount covering 600 leaves. Many other rewards are not unique and can be purchased elsewhere, such as top-tier Materia and Prisms.