Enormous clover field The controversy has been murky since the movie Monster was released in 2008, but the movie’s director, Matt Reeves clover fieldfinally cleared the doubt. clover field The main story is notoriously obscure about the beast’s past, offering few details as to where the nuclear-armed, statue-hating creature came from. because clover field Told in the style of found footage, the movie ends with a clip of Rob and Beth visiting Coney Island before the attack. In the background of this video, an unidentified object is seen falling from the sky and falling straight into the ocean.

The exact nature of this object in the original clover field The ending of the movie has been a hotly debated topic. Initially, the obvious assumption was that Rob and Beth’s home video clover field The monster has fallen to Earth for the first time since the Coney Island cruise took place shortly before the disaster that struck New York City. clover fieldThe ARG marketing campaign offered an alternative explanation, identifying the falling object as the Tagruato satellite ChimpanzIII, which crashed into the Atlantic. Cloverfield Paradox The falling object triggered a third theory that hinted that Ava and Ernst had returned to Earth.

Matt Reeves Finally Confirms What Happened To Cloverfield In The End

talk to syfy for clover fieldOn the 15th anniversary of Matt Reeves, he openly said:

At the end of the movie, you can see that moment. [the monster] aforementioned [Earth]… Wwhen we revisit that image where they finally got on the Ferris wheel, yYou can see the meteor fly down and crash into the ocean. This is actually the beginning of the baby being on Earth.

As the director of the scene in question, Matt Reeves is in a good position to clear up the surrounding confusion. clover fieldit’s ending. The answer leaves no doubt, clover field The movie monster itself is what landed next to Rob and Beth in the final Coney Island scene, potentially via a small meteor. The Cloverfield monster started out in space, somehow crash-landed in the Atlantic Ocean, and then launched a frantic, panicked attack around New York City.

Reeves’ statement, of course, represents a direct contradiction to his statement: clover field ChimpanzIII satellite description of the ARG campaign. This may be indicative of the major story revelations contained within. clover field‘s extensive online marketing is non-canon, at least when it comes to the film’s own director. Alternatively, the ChimpanzIII explanation could be a cover-up due to Tagruato’s reluctance to disclose an unidentified life form that fell to Earth from space. This allows for both clover field and its wider media will work more or less in harmony.

Why Matt Reeves’ Statement on the Ending of Cloverfield is Better

problem with clover field The ending of the ChimpanzIII satellite is that it carries a negligible connection to the main story. The satellite means nothing to the main characters and shares only a minimal connection with the satellite. clover field monster. The satellite would have been little more than an easter egg for those following the movie’s ARG, which doesn’t look very heartwarming given the importance of the scene. clover fieldfinale. Matt Reeves’ interpretation that the falling object is itself clover field The monster that came to Earth is of far greater relevance.

Rob and Beth”Good day“In Coney Island, along with most of those in New York, the seeds of their destruction are planted in the background. Rob’s videotaping of the beast’s arrival is also clover fieldThe image format found is more relevant to the answer to the biggest mystery of the video camera from the beginning of the movie. One last bit of emotional pain, this works much better than just a satellite.