Chainsaw Man Chapter 119 release date has been scheduled and unfortunately, this chapter won’t be following a weekly release but rather the alternate weekly schedule. But the upcoming chapter is going to be one of the most exciting ones as the events leading up to the next chapter are insane.

Fans were anxious about the latest chapter of the series and some were even sure that Denji was going to die in the latest chapter of the series. The latest volume of Chainsaw Man has rumored to have Denji portrayed as a side character which has led fans to believe that when Yoru was about to turn Denji into a weapon, it was a real deal.

But she could not turn Denji into a weapon at all and now she has plans further for Denji. Yoru concluded that it was due to Denji not having feelings for Asa was the reason why she could not turn her into a weapon and thus Yoru will try to keep on making Denji fall for her.

Whereas, Asa is frustrated over the fact that even after going through all of these things, Denji does not have any feelings for her. A new plan has been set for Yoru and Asa will follow it because she wants Denji to have feelings for her. Denji’s suggestion of a movie night has turned into a home date movie night which could be fatal for Asa and result in her death if she does not follow the home rules that Denji is about to lay. 

What is going to happen in Chainsaw Man Chapter 119? Isn’t that what all of us wondering? Well we are far from knowing it as the chapter will be released by the end of the month and there aren’t any spoilers for the chapter released as of this writing. But no one is stopping us from discussing what might be happening in the upcoming chapter. 

Chainsaw Man Chapter 119 Expectations

Thus, we will be predicting what to expect from Chainsaw Man Chapter 119 in this post including informing you about all the details you will be needing for Chainsaw Man Chapter 119 such as the delayed release date and the various timings for the chapter. This post will also be including details on how you can read the latest chapters of Chainsaw Man for free as well. With that being said, here we bring you the latest updates on the upcoming chapter of Chainsaw Man.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 119 Expectations And Spoilers

The first and foremost thing that we can surely expect from Chainsaw Man Chapter 119 is to see what kind of home rules Denji has and why would it result in death if one breaks them. It surely is related to the control Devil but it will interesting to see what this new figure of the devil is about.

There are some early unconfirmed spoilers for Chainsaw Man Chapter 119 as well that says that Haruka who is stalking Yoru and Denji seems to be a servant of the Famine Devil and likely he will be informing the Famine Devil about the home date of Denji and Asa.

Denji is also interfered with by Yoshida who likely is curious about what he is planning on doing but isn’t interested to tell him. The unconfirmed spoilers go on to say that Asa will try to seduce Denji by putting on sexy dresses and when they meet up for their home date by the end of the Chainsaw Man Chapter 119, we would also likely see Yoshida and Famine nearby.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 119 Release Date And Time

Chainsaw Man Chapter 119 is scheduled to release on Wednesday, February 1st, 2023 at 00:00 hrs Japanese Standard Timing. Since the timings for the chapter will vary, Chainsaw Man Chapter 119 will arrive on Tuesday in most of the regions. Below are various timings and release dates for Chainsaw Man Chapter 119;

  • 07:00 hrs Pacific Time on Tuesday, 31st January 2023
  • 09:00 hrs Central Time on Tuesday, 31st January 2023
  • 10:00 hrs Eastern Time on Tuesday, 31st January 2023
  • 20:30 hrs Indian Standard Time on Tuesday, 31st January 2023
  • 02:00 hrs Australian Standard Time on Wednesday, February 1st, 2023

Read Chainsaw Man Chapter 119 Online

Chainsaw Man Chapter 119 will be made available online to read for free on various platforms such as Viz Media and Manga Plus just like the previous chapters of the series.