Campaign signs found damaged, says Kelowna-Okanagan mayoral candidate

A Kelowna mayoral candidate said some of his campaign signs were vandalized along with several other candidates’ signs.

“I know we get these stories every election, but personally I’ve never seen so many damaged signs. This year appears to be far worse than previous federal and provincial elections,” Tom Dyas said in a press release.

“A reminder to the public that this is illegal.”

Municipal elections can see far more signs than other elections due to the number of candidates.

The 2022 Kelowna municipal election will have 46 candidates, including five mayoral candidates, 32 city council candidates and nine school trustee candidates.

Photos taken by Dyas’ team show decrepit signs belonging to council candidates Mohini Singh, Anthony Shephard, Susan Ames, Davis Kyle and several others.

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A destroyed campaign sign for Council candidates Mohini Singh and Anthony Shephard.

Tom Dyas / Submitted

A destroyed campaign sign for Kelowna mayoral candidate Tom Dyas.

Tom Dyas / Submitted

“Our election signs are paid for by donations and put up by volunteers who take time outside of their busy schedules to put up signs around town to raise awareness of my campaign,” Dyas said.

“We continue to receive numerous reports of damaged signs, as well as the signs of numerous Council candidates.”

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Dyas says he received reports describing three men who stopped at various signs in Kelowna.

“(They) stop at polling signs, put a flashing amber light on their vehicle, then vandalize signs and leave them on the ground,” Dyas said.

“Trying to resemble our hard-working law enforcement officers and damaging signs is illegal.”

Global News has contacted Kelowna RCMP for additional information.

Click here to play the video:''Destroying the democratic process': says Okanagan candidate whose ballot plaques were destroyed.'

“Destroying the democratic process”: says the Okanagan candidate whose voting plaques were destroyed.

“Destroying the Democratic Process”: Says Okanagan Candidate Whose Election Signs Were Destroyed – October 7, 2019

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