Snipers in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 will be excited to find out that the sniper rifle with the most damage in the game is also the first one they unlock. Instead of making players wait for the heavy hitter, they immediately get the big dog in terms of damage.

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Any loadout with this sniper rifle Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 should increase the weapon’s damage even further. Of all sniper rifles, the MCPR-300 has the highest chance of killing an enemy with a single shot anywhere on the body. Get ready to get kills from even a foot or elbow with this loadout.



ammunition .300 Mag High Velocity
barrel 22″ OMX-456
laser No changes
magazine 5 shot mag
snout No changes
optics No changes
Rear handle Cronen Cheetah Grip
recipient MCPR-300
share FSS Merc camp
underflow No changes

This build is going around for a clear reason; It kills enemies anywhere on the body in one hit. Some will complain about the lack of optics or lasers, but they miss the point of the MCPR-300. Players using it should be able to aim without revealing their location.

Silencers are great for snipers who don’t like to change position after killing an enemy. But remember that enemies can see the sniper’s location after they die. Also, a team with good communication will call this out. Plan to move at least slightly between kills, even with a silencer.

Take this even further by customizing the weapon to favor damage and projectile speed, sacrifice recoil, and even aim for sight time.

second weapon

As someone who commits to the backlines and sacrifices movement to do so, there’s little reason not to carry some pitcher. It can also come in handy if an opponent somehow gets into medium or short range while taking cover.

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The RPG-7 is preferred over other launchers because the UAVs are less problematic (snipers aren’t close enough to the action for enemies to tag them). Aircraft that are easy to hit with missiles often have countermeasures for targeted attacks. The RPG-7 will cut right through them.

After you perform a prestige, the weapons will reset. So remember to equip this one again the next time it unlocks.

Tactical and deadly slot machines

Tactical device shock stick
Deadly device Claymore

The game has some excellent and varied maps, so it’s important to choose devices that can be used in most situations. The SHock Stick activates almost instantly compared to other grenades, allowing the sniper to run away if someone gets too close. It’s a lifesaver.

The Claymore is a standard sniper weapon. The maps rarely, if ever, have a “perfect” sniper position. They almost always have a weak point, a door, or a point from behind that opponents can get through. For these situations, the Claymore is the best option. Even if an enemy survives the blast or shoots the device, it will make the sniper invade.


Base Perk 1 double time
basic advantage 2 Extra tactical
Bonus Perk replenishment
Ultimate Advantage survivor

The best perks for this loadout focus on staying alive. Extra Tactical and Resupply give the sniper multiple uses of their devices and anchor them in a position that protects them from danger. That Claymore that’s only sometimes deadly? Put a second one down and it’s guaranteed to kill.

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Double Time might seem like an odd perk for a somewhat stationary sniper, but it requires the player to move. The added movement to crawling is perfect when an enemy just barely comes around a corner. Survivor is one of the best perks for the build as it requires players to die a second time. For downed backline players, most opponents can’t see them well enough to get them a second time.

field upgrade

Field upgrade 1 Extendable cover
Field upgrade 2 Tactical Insertion

There are some top notch field upgrades out there, don’t feel bad about snagging some of the most effective options. Deployable Cover will be popular with most snipers. Several locations on each map are “perfect” for sniping but lack cover. This takes care of that problem.

Since this loadout gives up mobility in exchange for ultimate damage, players will have to move from location to location after firing a shot. Tactical Insertion gives players the ability to respawn in an area they previously had to exit.

Killstreak Rewards

4 kills bomb drone
5 kills cluster mine
6 kills cruise missile

While the MCPR-300 may top the kill charts, it’s also more prone to death than a fully silenced loadout. It’s that classic difference between a preference between a 3-0 and a 17-4. This loadout is much more prone to the latter. That means getting accessible killstreaks.

The Bomb Drone and Cruise Missile are helpful when enemies simply refuse to enter the sniper’s range. Especially after a killstreak, players tend to avoid the area. Those explosives make them pay for that decision.

The cluster mine is another layer above what the Claymores do. This time there will be no survival for the defaulting party. With multiple mines, there are no survivors for the next fighters trying to finish off the sniper this way.

Get the graphics settings just right and this build is unstoppable.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 is now available for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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