What is Bubbly Blaster Net Worth? Yes, we are talking about the champagne sprayer gun. It has largely increased it’s sales after appearing on Shark Tank. Before getting into Bubbly Blaster’s monetary accumulation so far, let’s have a brief look at what it is. 

Many of you may not know what Bubbly Blaster is. Well, it works more like an attachment to a champagne bottle, using which the mess will be less. The fun will not be less though! 

Bubbly Blaster comes in five variants- gold, rose gold, hot pink, black and white. If you own one, which one is it? When it comes to the price, it’s worth $99.99. 

How to use Bubbly Blaster? It is very easy! One just needs to pop it, snap it down and flip of course. In the name itself, the “blasting” says a lot. When we open a champagne bottle after shaking, the bubbling blast of the same happens. Isn’t it so? Using the attachment, you can have the same fun but in a different way.

One just needs to put a little pressure on the bottle when free of the drink, and doing that will help you to remove the Bubbly Blaster. Sounds good? If you are willing to invest on this, make sure you check out the Bubbly Blaster products on it’s official website

Do you know what is the best part? Bubbly Blaster tightly seals the champagne bottle when one is not spraying. So, it’s safe too, especially when half of the bottle is still not consumed. In that case, keep it inside the fridge, locking it up with Bubbly Blaster. It still remains fresh.

Well,  the Bubbly Blaster being the champagne gun has done quite good over the last few years. That has been more prominent after appearing on Shark Tank! If you are looking for the details of Bubbly Blaster Net Worth, here is what we know. 

Bubbly Blaster Net Worth

Bubbly Blaster

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Bubbly Blaster Net Worth: How Did It Get Affect After Appearing On Shark Tank? 

Talking about it’s monetary earnings, Bubbly Blaster Net Worth is estimated to be a whopping $1 million. Before getting into the successful journey of the product, one must be curious to know who are the people behind it. Well, they are- Brad Hall and Stason Strong respectively. Both of them hail from Los Angeles, California. 

How did Bubbly Blaster get started? It was Stason’s idea and he took the initiative after attending a party. If you have consumed champagne earlier, you must know that it does not last longer. To solve this, Bubbly Blaster came up! 

It was in 2017, Brad Hall and Stason Strong started Bubbly Blaster, making an investment of $120,000. You will be surprised to know about it’s one year growth. In the following year, with a combined sales from Amazon and it’s website, it earned an approximate amount of $560,000. So, it got increased by $440,000 and that’s undoubtedly huge. 

Bubbly Blaster was doing great in the market. In other words, it was at it’s boom period. Despite that, the founders wanted to raise a certain capital for stock and online advertising.

Bubbly Blaster Net Worth

Bubbly Blaster

Following this willingness, they appeared on Shark Tank Season 12, making a pitch- asking for $120,000 for 20% equity. Each of the sharks loved and enjoyed playing with the champagne gun, Bubbly Blaster. It’s indeed a unique product. Don’t you agree with this?

Among everyone, Mark Cuban and Alex Rodriguez were highly interested in Bubbly Blaster. The former offered a deal of the same amount but for 25% equity. Later, after teaming up with the other one, the final deal for Bubbly Blaster was made at $180,000 for 30%. 

If you are a Bubbly Blaster user, you will be happy to know that it has introduced other new products. Why? Well, that’s after appearing on Shark Tank as their sales and reach, both have increased greatly. The new ones are entertainment packs, and ball caps. If you didn’t know this, you can check out too! 

When it comes to annual revenue of Bubbly Blaster, it’s reportedly making more than $700,000. How well are you happy with Bubbly Blaster?

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