Bill Maher closed the premiere of HBO’s 21st season realtime Friday night by taking up the scandals surrounding MP George Santos (R-NY). His big snack? Blame the Democrats for believing his many, many lies.

“Of course we’ve seen liars before,” the moderator said of American politicians, “but it’s always been about pushing from the extreme to the center of your own party.” What Santos “pioneered,” he argued, was the idea ” since we are all in our own hermetically sealed media bubbles,” he could “pretend to be everything to voters of both parties.”

While Santos, on the one hand, pushed to the right by embracing Trump’s electoral lies, Maher claimed the real reason he won the election was that he convinced the left to stand up for him — something not exactly supported by evidence will.

“How was a Trump-loving, vote-bucking white nationalist elected in a pro-Democratic district?” he asked. “Simple, he also told them what they wanted to hear.” He omitted that New York’s Republican gubernatorial candidate, Lee Zeldin, outperformed Santos on Long Island.

“What do liberals love?” asked Mahr. “Identity Politics and Victimhood.” For this reason, in his estimation, Santos claimed to be one of the earliest COVID cases and a “Jewish” descendant of Holocaust survivors.

“Everyone keeps asking, how did a guy like that get elected?” He continued, attributing it to “tribalism,” with Democrats as much, if not more, to blame than the Republicans, who largely rally around him even after his lies were exposed.

As Maher put it, “Republicans love a winner and Democrats love someone whose life story makes you want to kill yourself.”

Ultimately, he concluded, it was Santos’ identity as a “brave, sad, proudly gay, half-Black Latino Holocaust victim” that apparently convinced enough Democrats to put him in office. “Vote for him? I’m surprised he didn’t host the Oscars!”

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