Extraordinary Ones is a strategy-based MOBA game where you have to defeat opponents to progress in the game. As you need to select a prime character that would contribute to the team’s victory, you have a hectic task ahead of you. However, we are here to make that task simple enough for you. In this guide, we have covered the tier list of the best heroes in Extraordinary Ones.

We have ranked every hero in the game so that you can know which heroes are worth selecting and playing with. Read along with this guide further to know more about the same.

Tier List of Best Heroes in Extraordinary Ones – 2023

Extraordinary Ones Best heroes tier list
Image Credits: Ali Senyer on YouTube

Here, you will find the best heroes in Extraordinary Ones tier list. This tier list is categorized into 6 tiers starting from the SS tier and ranging up to the D tier. As the order of the list is ascending, the SS tier holds the most powerful and effective heroes whereas the D tier hosts the negligible ones. Keep in mind that the list can be subjective to other players.

Tier Heroes
SS Taurell
SS Heavenbound
SS White Tiger
SS Coderella
SS Hadenna
SS Twilight
SS Aurelius
SS Garuda
SS Alpha
SS Arthur
SS Cassie
S Jing Wei
S Oswood
S Maddie
S Viru
S Tamago
S White
S Chang E
S Chester
S Suzaku
S Ginny
S No.6
S Plum
S Brella
A Milu Deer
A Dracula
A Immortal-T
A Dragon
A Dhartar
A Spidy
A Black-tortoise
A Marmot
A Lotus
A Muqam
A Rem
A Silvio
A Doc Yang
B Pigsy
B Cookie
B Kingfisher
B Roosie
B Crimps
B Jinzha
B Brenetta
B Jupiter
B Golden Peerless
B Rocket
B Dawn
B Elkii
B Ness
B Ebony & Ivory
B Dodo
C Cicada
C Sandy
C Kit
C Kui
C Nugua
C Hidery
C Mercy
C Dara
C Lokey
D 7723
D Pretty
D Tudi
D Sprinkles
D Iggy & Pop
D Harvey
D Lotto

This is all you need to know about the best heroes in Extraordinary Ones tier list. Hopefully, this guide was helpful to you. While you’re here, you can go ahead and check out other similar articles such as Brotato Tier list and Shatterline Tier List.