Dragon Epic is idle and merge game where players have to summon dragons from the egg and merge them to obtain even stronger dragons to clear the stages. There are many dragons that you can unlock as your advance through the game. There are two kinds of dragons namely, Normal and Elite. In order to beat the bosses, you need to have stronger dragons. Thus, we have prepared a Dragon Epic Idle & Merge best dragons tier list for your reference. Go through this guide to know which dragon is more powerful and which one you should aim to obtain.

Tier List of Best Dragon in Dragon Epic Idle & Merge – 2023

Best Dragon Tier list Dragon Epic Idle & Merge
Picture Credits: Brutal Loinor

Below, we have mentioned the best dragons tier list in Dragon Epic Idle & Merge. This tier list consists of 4 tiers where the S tier is the apex and the C tier is the bottom. The dragons placed in the S tier are the most powerful dragons in the game. Whereas the C tier dragons have decent performance. Kindly remember that this tier list is subjective to all players.

Tier  Dragon
S Rayquaz
S BlueEyes
S RedEyes
S Thanosis
A Volvaria
A Bahamut
A Gravus
A YiLong
A Trex
B Linhdarin
B Dumbo
B Bowser
B Mega Ludak
B Buble
B Enus
C Ludak
C Skade
C Melchor
C Tarrel
C Vicinus
C Demora
C Parago
C Draugr
C Malkior

This tier list can also help you in getting a better judgment about which dragon to invest in and upgrade. Leveling up powerful dragons can give you an advantage in clearing the boss stages and claiming the in-game rewards without much hassle.

This is all you need to know about the best dragons tier list in Dragon Epic Idle and Merge. Hopefully, this guide was helpful to you. While you’re here, you can go ahead and check out other similar articles such as Saint Seiya Shining Soldiers Best Warriors Tier list and Disney Sorcerer’s Arena Best Heroes Tier List.