Beloved characters that will be in Fire Emblem Engage

The recent announcement of a new fire sign Game, Engage Fire Emblemhas got fans excited as unlike the recent ones it will be the new mainline game Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes.

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The game’s overall story takes place in the land of Elyos, where players must fight to defeat a fallen dragon. The main character is supported by older heroes fire sign Titles that can be summoned with the emblem rings. From the beginning fire sign Titles up to Three Houses, fans will have a large cast of old heroes at their disposal.


12 Marth

Marth, the hero king, is the most noticeable as he also features on the game’s cover art. Marth is among the very first fire sign Title, Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Light’s Edgereleased in 1990. He also appeared in Fire Emblem: The Mystery of the Emblem and other remakes, and see him thrown back into the mix here.

11 Sigurd

Sigurd, the Prince of Calphy, first appeared in the legend Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War, as chief lord. He is quite unique in the sense that he was the very first lord to wield a lance and was a cavalry, which is in contrast to the usual sword-wielding lord-type that came before him and will come after him. Sigurd will surely be an incredible addition Engage Fire Emblem.

10 Lucina

Lucina is an important character who appeared in Fire Emblem: Awakening. As the daughter of Chrom, she travels back in time under the guise of the hero-king Marth to avoid a bleak future due to Grima, a fallen dragon. Like her father, she wields the falchion and holds the Sign of Exaltation in her left eye, also known as the Gift of the Naga.

9 Lyn

Lyn, from her full name Lyndis, is the leader of the Lyndis Legion and one of the three main characters in Fire Emblem: The Flaming Blade. Coming from humble beginnings, Lyn knows little about noble manners and the like, but she is still a suave young woman who is proud of her Sacae heritage. Fans will surely enjoy her character in the coming period fire sign Game.

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8th Celica

Celica, from her real name Princess Anthiese, is one of two main characters in Fire Emblem: Gaidenand its reissue, Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia. She was born a princess of the Zofia kingdom, with a mark on her right hand. After Desaix set her house on fire to stage a coup against the king, Mycen managed to save Celica and get her to safety. She then grows up in a monastery before going in search of Mila.

7 Byleth

Byleth, in this case the male Byleth, is the main character in Fire Emblem: Three Houses who acts as a war instructor at Garreg Mach Monastery. Byleth must choose between one of the three houses to teach and help with development, and supports one of the three three lords. He grows and learns more about himself and his connection to the goddess Sothis. in the Engage Fire Emblem Fans will surely be happy to see him again.

6 Corrin

Corrin, in this case the female Corrin, is the main character in the game Fire Emblem: Fates. She starts out as a princess of the Kingdom of Nord. She is faced with a choice between Hoshido, her supposed blood family, or Nohr, the family she grew up with, as the two kingdoms are at odds. Capable of transforming into a dragon and wielding the yato, Corrin is a very powerful character that will bring her back Engage Fire Emblem.

5 chrome

Chrome is the main lord in Fire Emblem: Awakening and the Prince of Ylisse, as well as the leader of the shepherds. His story begins after he finds a sleeping Robin, with whom he forms a very close bond and also fights. He wields the legendary falchion, a sword passed down personally by the hero-king Marth. Kind and honorable, Chrome is one of the most well-known fire sign Characters.

4 Leif

Leif Faris Claus is the main character in Fire Emblem: Thrace 776 and appears in it Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War. Before the fall of Leonster he was the Prince of Leonster, but soon after he was forced to flee and go into hiding. In the immediate future, he leads the liberation and becomes king. Leif is very self-critical and carries a lot of guilt, which he overcomes throughout the game.

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3 Erik

Eirika is the princess of Renais who appears as the protagonist in Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones. Though she abhors violence, she nonetheless takes the lead in the army and ends the war to bring about peace. She wields her thunder sword, Sieglinde. Eirika is a great contrast to her twin brother Ephraim, but the two are still very close. She sees herself returning as part of a massive cast Engage Fire Emblem.

2 Micah

Micaiah, also known as Maiden of Dawn, is one of two main characters in the game Fire Emblem: Radiant Dusk. She acts as the leader of the Dawn Brigade with her light magic possessing a unique ability called Sacrifice. She had a history of divination and was branded and faced many prejudices in her life. Micaiah’s fans will thoroughly enjoy the character’s return in the next one fire sign Rate.

1 Ike

Ike, the shining hero, acts as leader of the Greil mercenaries after the death of his father. He first appears in Fire Emblem: Path of Radianceand then acts as one of the main characters in Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. He is the very first fire sign Main character who is not of noble birth. He is outspoken but easily earns respect from others and is therefore loved enough to see him make way Engage Fire Emblem.

Engage Fire Emblem will be released on January 20, 2023 on the Nintendo Switch.

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