The culprit behind the BBC Match of the Day prank with porn noises and sex sounds has been identified as Jarvo, also known as Jarvo69 (how fitting) or BMWJarvo on YouTube. During BBC Sport’s coverage of the FA Cup match between Liverpool and Wolves, a series of porn sounds interrupted presenter Gary Lineker as he attempted to analyze the game. At the time, he believed that someone was sending the sounds “on somebody’s phone,” and now both the phone and that “someone” have been exposed.

Porn noises were set as the prank phone’s ringtone

Jarvo, as seen in the YouTube stream above, is shown as the person who dials the phone at around the 3:45 mark in the video. He and his friends start laughing as the porn noises, which were set as the default ringtone for another phone on set, echo throughout the broadcast with the hosts unable to figure out where the sounds are coming from. There was a brief pause as the phone call was dropped for a bit, but then it plays again as soon as Jarvo gets through to the number one more time.

Jarvo had dialed a number that went to another phone, as found by Lineker on Twitter, that was sneakily tied to “the back of the set,” a point that the host found “quite amusing” as far as sabotage goes.

The impressive BBC porn prank went on for more than three minutes while Lineker and the other analysts attempted to deal with the situation professionally. But the uproarious moans were indeed quite difficult to ignore.