Balkan Ninnisi Episode 12 English Subtitles

Balkan Ninnisi Episode 12 which will be broadcasted on 20th September 2022. Balkan Ninnisi is a Turkish-made television series. Erdal Özyağcılar, Özlem Türkad, Merih Öztürk and Emre Bey are in the lead roles.

Balkan Ninnisi Episode 12 Trailer English Subtitles

What will happen in Balkan Ninnisi Episode 12 English Subtitles?

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Balkan Ninnisi Last Episode Summary

Ertan and Jovanka’s suspicions come true with the tapes and photographs they find. Ertan and Jovanka, who learn the great secret of Süleyman about the past, are determined to hold him accountable. However, the opening of old events brings old enemies behind them. Darko, Solomon’s worst enemy, comes to take revenge. Darko is determined to end Süleyman and his family this time.

In this great conflict, grandfather Zübeyir will suffer the most, and while he is imprisoned to save the mosque, old pains will be experienced again and the dusty pages of history will be opened. Everyone in the mansion is ready to sacrifice themselves to save grandfather Zübeyir…

Balkan Ninnisi Episode 12 Release Date

Balkan Ninnisi (Balkan Lullaby) Turkish Drama Series Episode 12 starring Merih Öztürk and Emre Bey premieres on TRT1 in Turkey on September 20, 2022, at 20:00.

Balkan Ninnisi All Episodes English Subtitles

Balkan Ninnisi – Balkan Lullaby (TV Series 2022) – Synopsis and Cast



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