abilities soul traveler unlocks in different shrines in the game world. Some areas are closed until Stella gains a certain ability, and some abilities are unavailable until players upgrade Stella’s ship accordingly. While there is the best order for acquiring abilities soul travelermost likely players will unlock most of them through simple exploration.

In every shrine soul traveler Visits to Stella, 2 Obols are required as a vow. Some shrines are accessible before the player acquires the required Obols, which are obtained each time a new soul embarks on Stella’s ship. Once the required Obols are found, players can go to the shrine locations below to acquire each ability. soul traveler:

Spiritfarer Ability

Temple Location

Double Jump

(X:39, Y:139)


(X:-150, Y:67)

steel rope

(X:-3, Y:185)


(X:233, Y:18)

short line

(X: 216, Y: 96)

Light Burst

(X:-185, Y:-92)

Enhanced Tools

(X:220, Y:167)

In some cases, it will be necessary to find other spirits to join Stella in order to have enough Obol to use and unlock in temples. Spiritfarer’s abilities. The features of each shrine are described in detail below.

Spiritfarer’s Double Jump Ability

Double Jump, the first ability Stella learns, can be accessed in the Hummingberg temple early in the game. As the name suggests, players can double-click the jump button to get an extra jump to reach higher surfaces. Stella can unlock this feature by using her first 2 Obols in Hummingberg by completing Gwen’s quests and finally getting Atul on board. (X:39, Y:139)

Spiritfarer’s Sliding Ability

Spiritfarer’s The glide ability allows Stella to use her giant hat as a parachute while in mid-air by holding down the jump button. Not only will it glide slowly over long distances, but it will also be able to soar into the sky when there is an upward airflow. To get the glide soul explorer, Go to the temple in Furogawa. It’s easy to find and, like all abilities, requires 2 Obols to unlock. (X:-150, Y:67)

Spiritfarer’s Zipline Ability

Players can unlock the Zipline ability in Nordweiler in the north of the map. Stella’s ship is coming soul traveler It will need to be upgraded enough to break through the ice via Albert’s Shipyard. After unlocking, whenever there is a bright line connecting two poles, players can quickly cross to either side by holding the “up” button. (X:-3, Y:185)

Spiritfarer’s Jumping Ability

Not to be confused with Double Jump, special soul traveler Her leaping ability allows Stella to jump higher on certain bouncing surfaces such as umbrellas or dumpsters. This temple is located in Oxbury and also requires ship upgrade to smash rocks.

While the jump ability is a little confusing to master at first, all players have to do is hold down the jump button just before landing on a bouncing surface for a higher jump. Doing this consistently allows for higher jumps. (X:233, Y:18)

Spiritfarer’s Dashing Ability

Spiritfarer’s The dash ability requires all previous abilities to obtain it (although the zipline is optional). Shrine of Dash soul traveler It’s located on Greymist Peaks Island in the northeastern part of the map, and players will need an elevated ship to overcome rocks and fog to reach this location. Once she arrives at Greymist Peaks Island, Stella can glide upward through the air geysers and jump over the tents to get there. (X: 216, Y: 96)

You’re still having trouble finding the Dash Shrine. soul traveler? Check out Jacob Bellamay’s video review on YouTube below!

Inside soul traveler Dashing allows Stella to quickly zoom in air by holding down the LT/Left Shift button while jumping, but she’ll need to cool down a bit before she can use it again.

Spiritfarer’s Light Burst Ability

After getting her leaping ability, Stella can go to Hikarishima Lighthouse (X:-137, Y: -14) to find another one. Spiritfarer’s soul characters. Their mission will eventually take the player to the Hidden Shrine to unlock the Light Burst, an energy refraction emitted from Everlight. By pressing R2/Q, Stella can create a radius of light that can reach all around her. (X:-185, Y:-92)

To access the Upgraded Vehicles skill temple, players need to upgrade their ships to be able to pass through the fog. A Treasure Map available from Francis towards the end of the game will have the coordinates of the Lost Temple. This ability improves mining and fishing so tools don’t break so easily. Players can also get gems while mining with this ability. (X:220, Y:167)

Sometimes after acquiring certain abilities such as Zipline and Glide, Albert gives plans for players to place structures on their ships to use these abilities while on board. Makes some mini-games on board like catching. Spiritfarer’s lightning or shiny jelly, much easier if these structures are placed strategically. have all the skills soul traveler It allows you to maneuver more smoothly throughout the game.