AIO Streamer tv for android is an adult apk that connects to many well-known popular websites from the web and is an all-in-one solution for the adult audience. The app connects to many websites and offers multiple links. You can watch it easily and it is very simple to operate and user-friendly. It is easy to browse through all the video content and you can watch just by clicking the image and then a box will pop up for you to choose your preferred quality.

AIO Streamer


AIO Streamer TV is perfect for connecting users to a special library containing adult content. We primarily use streaming services to provide a large amount of high-quality content, even with a lot of customization to give our users the best possible experience. Customize all features to your personal preferences.

Features of AIO Streamer TV

  • The app also allows you to download the content on your devices and watch it from your SD card later if you wish.
  • In the settings, you can choose to use the internal or your external player. (So far I see no issues with the built-in player and is a good option)
  • The built-in search works ok if you visit the hamburger menu this is where you will find a huge list of websites.
  • You can set a password in the settings to keep it locked down and keep it private.
  • The app icon looks ordinary so not give much away and keeps it secret.


Do I Need An Account To Use AIO Streamer tv for android?

No there is currently no need to have to sign up or log in to view the content of the app. If you decide to try out the premium then you will need an account and will get 6 hours of premium for free.

Can I Download it From Websites Within The App?

Yes, it’s possible and there are two ways this can be done. The first way is as easy as clicking and holding on to a video image. The second option is to click the Download button in the video stream.

Are There Websites Within The App You Don’t Want To See?

If you wish not to see certain websites within the app then you can visit the app settings and block sites using the setting Hide Unwanted Sites, after this is activated you might need to restart the app for the changes to take effect.

Can I Use A Password To Hide My Activities?

Yes, it can be found in the settings of the app by looking for Pin-Lock and activating it. The Pin-Lock password gets to use the default of 1234 but I think it will be best to set a fresh password of your own that cannot be easily guessed.

Is It Possible To Use My Own Player Of Choice?

Yes if you go to settings and enable the use of an external player it’s then possible to play the content with a player you already have installed on your device, eg. Mx Player.

More Features For AIO Streamer

  • FullScreen Video Player with PiP Mode (Picture-in-Picture, Android 8.0+) and Chromecast Support
  • Swipe Controls for Brightness/Volume and Seeking through the video (activate in Settings)
  • Popup Video Player to watch multiple videos at once!
  • Community Video Player to rate/comment/share videos!
  • VR Video Player to watch 360° VR Porn Videos!
  • or use your own Video Player!
  • Quality Selection (360p/480p/720p/1080p/4K) depending on-site and video
  • PIN & Fingerprint Lock Feature (Standard: 1234)
  • Hide Websites Feature (Hide Sites that you don’t like!)
  • Global Search: Select multiple sites and search on all of them (experimental)
  • Favorites and Custom Playlists!

Categories And Search

To search you can type in a keyword you want to find, and it will automatically show you categories that might match your search results. When you select an item in the dropdown list it will open a category, when you press on the search your search for the keyword. You can now tap on the “Categories” button to open a list of all categories. Pressing OK in the bottom right on the keyboard works well too.

Standard Video Player

You now see the “Standard Video Player”, its AIO Streamer’s own Video Player with advanced features. At the top, you can see some buttons! The first one swipes up a comment and rating section. The second button lets you rotate the video to horizontal mode, you can tap again to get back to portrait. The third button is for VR videos, it will start a video player that supports VR videos.


AIO Streamer TV promises to give users endless potential for streaming everything available in the library. It also comes with great and in-depth personalization, including complete security for each user profile.