Live streaming service Twitch has come under some scrutiny in recent weeks. A very controversial incident happened recently. After a viral stream of explicit content, a Twitch user was banned.

Who is Aielieen1? Real name and Instagram, full length viral video

Twitch suffers from numerous problems. One is that after they are created, channels can start streaming immediately. This encourages many trolls to create new accounts and stream explicit or even offensive and violent content. 2019 saw a similar incident where trolls flooded the Dota 2 trading card game category “Artifact” with an inappropriate stream of violent, and copyrighted content.

The account “aielieen1” was created on November 3 and its owner immediately began posting pornographic content. Without a popular Reddit post promoting the series, the number of viewers would have dropped to a few hundred. However, the girl in that stream suddenly got thousands of viewers as a result of this Reddit post.

Aielieen1 Twitch Streamer Full Viral Video

She also started getting naked while looking at herself online. People quickly started watching his video after it immediately got hundreds of views, but the platform cut it short. The explicit girl in the video was spotted by the app, which then banned her from the platform because twitch is a platform with rules and videos should not contain explicit content. Although the live stream was only active for a few minutes and seconds,

The team that was live-streaming the video and making it available on the platform later deleted it, but many viewers recorded it, and it eventually went viral on many social media sites. Where this topic became a discussion. Although it’s true that the girl’s decision to live stream herself helped her as she received a lot of online enquiries.

Aielieen1 Twitch Streamer Gets Banned After video Going Viral

Although many websites have removed the video, it is still available on some other websites and platforms. The young woman quickly gained a lot of attention and went viral on Twitter. She quickly became famous as a result of the mass sharing of epic recordings. Many stars engage in such behavior just to attract attention because they have difficulty gaining fans and experience such incidents.

On this platform, there are many celebrities who have used their notoriety to attract the attention they desire and in the process have amassed a large following, increasing their income and stardom. On this platform, many young women, men and girls can earn money for their videos.