X-Men are all the rage among fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe as fan casting and anticipation are at an all-time high. From Wolverine to Rogue, finding the perfect actor for the role is something Marvel Studios aims to achieve. Over the past decade of movies and now television shows, Marvel Studios has shown a brilliant eye when it comes to finding the performers perfect for the overpowered roles they seek to bring to life.

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Rogue is a key member of the X-Men myth, and the internet is full of dozens of actors who could pull off the performance needed to bring Rogue to life in the authentic way comic book fans have been waiting for.


8/8 Kiersey Clemons

Although Kiersey Clemons will be starring in the upcoming DC movie The Lightning In 2023, it’s unclear what her future holds in Warner Bros.’ ever-changing landscape. Comic Film Department.

After starring in several different shows on the Disney Channel as a child, Clemons broke through to the big screen as Diggy in the critically acclaimed coming-of-age crime comedy stimulants. Her experience with ensemble casts means she could fit well into an X-Men project built around delivering a cast of characters who must work together to achieve a single goal.

7/8 Daisy Ridley

It’s about time Daisy Ridley starred in a fandom-driven series that it isn’t war of stars. She’s a talented actress who brings everything to the table and would probably sum up the complexities of Rogue in terms of how the character often lives in a world of grim morality. Some might argue that she’s a bit old for the role, which is crazy considering she’s only 30, but that comes from the belief that Marvel Studios is trying to introduce a young class of mutant X-Men .

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Regardless, it would be wise to stagger the ages of the characters even if they did. That being said, Daisy Ridley has earned her more than the opportunity to accept or decline a role in the MCU, and Rogue could be the perfect role for the English actor.

6/8 Victoria Moroles

Plan B is a coming of age film that focuses on two young friends who are looking for a solution to a horrific sexual experience one of them had the night before. Victoria Moroles plays Lupe, the girl’s best friend trying to overcome a life-changing circumstance. Vivid and charismatic in character, Moroles demonstrates the on-screen presence required to deliver a portrayal of Rogue in the MCU.

A Texas native, Moroles is also familiar with the Southern culture and charm associated with the Mississippi mutant. Marvel Studios has an eye for emerging talent, and Moroles could be following in the footsteps of other actors bursting onto the scene via the MCU.

5/8 Diana Silver

Diana Silvers isn’t a name that most people reading this would recognize, but if they saw her face they would probably remember her as a supporting character in a movie they saw. Her most prominent roles were as part of the ensemble cast of the thriller momas well as the surprising love interest in one of the main characters in the critically acclaimed coming-of-age comedy book smart.

Silvers has all the makings of an A-list actor and needs the opportunity to show everything she has to offer. She’s naturally likable on screen, but also has the opportunity to show a darker and sinister side to the characters she plays.

4/8 Millie Bobby Brown

When will Millie Bobby Brown be in the MCU? Since then, this question has been asked millions of times on the Internet stranger things Star burst onto the stage. She has managed to direct a series of films in recent years, in which she plays the role of the title character Enola Holmes for Netflix, which recently saw the release of a sequel.

Kitty Pride is the X-Men character she’s most associated with, and while she’d likely nail that role, Rogue could be a more prominent character when it comes to how Marvel Studios are presenting their take on the mutants this time around will. Rogue’s love interests tend to play a role in her story, which might be a no-go for Millie Bobby Brown considering how weird romantic storytelling has become for both her and her character in recent seasons of stranger things.

3/8 hunter shepherd

Marvel Studios has been aiming for more representation in its films and Disney+ series for the past several years, and the X-Men’s character cast could offer them the perfect opportunity to continue that trend. Hunter Shafer from euphoria Fame has proven to be a talented actress and arguably offers the best performance in the award-winning series outside of Zendaya.

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Shafer also happens to be a trans woman, a form of representation the MCU didn’t have before. The trans community struggles for acceptance and rights every day of their lives, and the added layer of being a member of the X-Men could bring layers to Rogue’s character to unravel in a performance by Shafer on the big screen.

2/8 Milly Alcock

house of the dragon by HBO recently concluded its first season and, to no one’s surprise, became a hit. Milly Alcock took on the role of the younger version of Rhaenyra Targaryen and gave an excellent performance. Alcock managed to portray authentic naivety while conveying the confidence and complicated perspective that made Rhaenyra a lovable character for audiences.

As the show moves forward in time, it’s unlikely Milly Alcock will return to the role now played by Emma D’Arcy, meaning she’s available. It’s clear that she has star power and outstanding acting skills, and it would be a real shame if Marvel Studios missed the opportunity to bring her into the MCU via the X-Men.

1/8 Keke Palmer

The number one bulleted name in terms of fan casting for Rogue in the MCU belongs to Keke Palmer. Most recently, the actor caught audiences’ attention with creator/director Jordan Peele’s latest thriller. nope. She’s poised to land a role in a major fandom-driven series, with the superhero world likely to be the landing spot. There’s no doubt that she brings the bombastic personality required for an engaging portrayal of Rogue.

Palmer has even gone so far as to quote tweet messages suggesting she’s taking on the role, meaning she’s every bit as interesting as those who want her in the MCU. Actors rarely land the roles they publicly shoot for, especially when it comes to Marvel Studios, but that doesn’t mean Palmer couldn’t be part of the MCU and/or X-Men either as Rogue or as another character.

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