long awaited Children of Egypt The prequel has been delayed multiple times, so expectations for the Stephen King story adaptation may have been damaged by Blumhouse’s. There’s something wrong with the kids. The horror genre has a long history of turning kids into spooky villains. Omen with Spiritualist. So it’s no big surprise to see that the two 2023 horror movies share the same premise about children turned evil after an inexplicable supernatural force forces them to attack the adults in their lives.

Said, There is a problem with the children couldn’t come at a worse time for its creators Children of Egyptis an upcoming prequel to Stephen King’s famous franchise of the same name. Like an adaptation of James Wan’s King’s tommyknockers, Children of Egypt It seems to be stuck in Development Hell since filming of the prequel wraps up in 2020, but it’s just There is a problem with the children effectively tell the same story as Children of Egypt The prequel, Blumhouse horror, was a stronger, scarier, standalone horror movie than any of its predecessors. Children of Egypt franchise listings.

There’s Something Wrong With Children Borrowing From Stephen King

There is a problem with the children may ruin your reception Children of EgyptThe surprisingly powerful horror film prequels as it includes an enhanced version of the original short story’s core premise. King’s original short story Children of Egypt It takes place years after a group of kids kills all the adults in their town. There Is Something Wrong With Children initially introduces its young heroes as sweet boys. While his parents were undeniably a bit smug, There is a problem with the children‘s teenage characters Lucy and Spencer seem like really good guys when viewers first meet them.

As a result, they vaguely transform into paranormal monsters in the second half of the movie. There is a problem with the children It is more devastating and frightening than it is. Children of Egyptopponents. The nameless threat in King’s story and film adaptations is already bad when audiences encounter them, whereas viewers initially There’s something wrong with the kidstheir children. This is a Children of Egypt The prequel is promising as it can explore what went wrong for kids. Again, There’s something wrong with the kids Stephen King beat the movie to this story thanks to the prequel’s release date delays.

Why Is It Taking So Long Before Children of the Corn?

Children of Egypt It was completed in 2020 and was one of the first films to complete filming in quarantine due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Since then, the release date of director Kurt Wimmer’s prequel has been pushed forward multiple times. It was announced in August 2022 that Children of Egypt It was supposed to arrive in the Fall of 2022, but that release never materialized. As such, audiences hoping to see Stephen King Adaptation will be held for even longer Children of Egypt on the contrary There’s something wrong with the kids stealing some of the lightning bolts of the movie.