January 16th Wordl Puzzle is a bit difficult due to its extremely specific nature. in contrast to others Wordl Solutions, this puzzle is quite tricky, especially since it’s not a term used on a conventional basis. History and older literature fans might be able to guess the word, but most other people used to conventional English might not have the term in their dictionary right away.

Regardless, fans stuck on this puzzle can count on a few tips and tricks to ease their guessing process with word definitions and technical notes, as well as seed words and similar terms that can provide better insight into the solution.


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What it means

Wordle - divisor-13

Word game players like Wordl If you want to solve this puzzle faster, you might want to learn the meaning of this term first. At its core, this word describes the job and position of a priest, especially in connection with the long robe and sleeves that people in this profession often wear. This applies not only to priests, but also to clergymen and monks.

Over time, this also evolved to describe the smock or long coat worn by field workers. This eventually led to a girl’s or woman’s dress being meant. Likewise, it can also refer to a person dressing in the long robe mentioned above or endowing someone with a priestly office.

technical advice

Word puzzles can become much more solvable once players understand that there are some technical components they can use to make the process easier.

  • The word has one (1) syllable
  • The word is a noun when referring to the garment
  • This becomes a verb when describing something wearing the robe or investment

Suggestions for initial words

Players who want to have an easier time solving this puzzle can watch the start Wordl Terms for additional insights. Technically, these starters can be of great use to players, especially as they can provide correct letters and positions for players to play around with to get to the puzzle solution. Here are some recommended starting words:

5-letter words that start with FR

A final clue players could use when solving a Wordl daily task are related words. In the case of today’s puzzle, these terms give players access to the correct letters and positions that could then be used to find the solution to the puzzle. In this puzzle, 68 five-letter words begin with this configuration, including the challenge term. Here are some words for players to consider:

  • freak
  • frogs
  • FOAM

Wordl is playable via the browser.

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