Victory, Song Hye Kyo‘s latest TV show has been a huge hit in Korea and around the world.

About the story, if you haven’t seen it yet Song Hye KyoHis character who repeatedly takes revenge on people who hurt him in high school.

The show is about both school violence and payback, both of which are common themes in Korean dramas.

The show is split into two parts, though. The first eight episodes were released on December 30, and the last eight episodes will be out in March.

By the way, if you want to watch something similar, here are some South Korean K-dramas, again about school violence.

Weak Hero Class 1

Former Victorypeople were talking about how intense this webtoon based series is.

In this eight-part drama, Park Jihoon, Choi Hyun Wookand Hong Kyung Combating violence inside and outside of school.

watch as jihoon From being our “winking and “jeojang” child to using scientific ideas to fight bullies.

King of the Pigs

This drama is just like VictoryIt’s about violence and bullying at school and how they hurt people even 20 years later.

This game takes the theme to a whole new level and it even has a warning sticker.

Kim Dong Wook and Kim Sung Kyu In this 12-episode series.

Revenge of Others

It Disney+ Drama has the courage to talk about what happens after school violence.

This is a drama about a girl (Shin Ye EunWhile trying to avenge his brother’s death, he also learns about bullying, lies and murder.

Park Suleiman and Seo Ji Hoon They’re also in the series.

Dokgo Rewind

This web show is about bullying, violence and bribery in high schools. watch as sehunyoungest member EXOtakes down two bad school groups who bully students and steal money from them.

juvenile justice

This drama isn’t really about bullying, it’s about how a tough judge handles tough cases in juvenile court and punishes young offenders.

A court drama that shows the kids getting away with it.

Kim Hye Soo He plays a tough and strict judge in the series.

Who are you: School 2015

The subject of the 2015 book, as part of the School Series, is bullies.

Since the main character has no parents and lives in an orphanage, he is chosen by other children. Watch to see how it makes everything better.

These drama stars Kim So Hyun, Nam Joo Hyukand Yook SungJae.

shadow beauty

The main character’s girlfriend is bullied at school for not looking good.

The series is based on a popular web comic of the same name.

It tells how the main character, a girl, turns into someone else outside of school and how she deceives her attackers.

These show stars Shim Dal Gi, Hongseok from Pentagonand bomin from golden boy.

we all died

It all started with a boy who was caught by his bullies and pushed off the roof. It’s more of an end-of-the-world drama, but no matter what, a bully is still a bully.

Real beauty

Another case chosen for not being as beautiful as another.

The drama isn’t about school violence, but shows how the main character was chosen because of how she looks and deals with it.

Moon Ga Young, Cha Eunwoo from ASTROand Hwang in Yeop all in this very popular 2021 drama.

How to Buy a Friend

In this drama, two teenagers make a pact, one of which will protect the other from his bully if he helps him find out what really happened when his girlfriend killed herself.

This 2020 drama consists of eight episodes and Lee Shin Young, Shin Seung Hoand Kim So Hye in them